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GuruNanda Coconut Mint Oil Pulling 8 oz

GuruNanda Coconut Mint Oil Pulling 8 oz

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This Viral Hollistic Product Keeps Selling out! Ancient royal practice of cleansing the mouth with essential oils and plants. Use it 1-10 minutes daily and watch your teeth get an upgrade-Naturally! This is a thick substance, it will take sometime to get used to and to swish for long periods of time-start slowly then build up your swishing time-but don't exceed 10 minutes. Free GuruNanda ButterGums Toothbrush!

GuruNanda Coconut Whitening Pulling Oil with vitamins and essential oils for the best oil-pulling experience. It has an Ayurvedic Blend of Coconut Oil & Pure Peppermint Essential Oil. Our Natural teeth whitening oral rinse helps bad breath and provides healthier gums while being in a convenient 8 fl oz. bottle. GuruNanda Coconut Mint Formula Pulling Oil is made with Coconut Oil and 100% Pure Peppermint Essential Oil for a naturally refreshing mouth swish. It contains no GMOs, alcohol, fluoride, or preservatives and is free of artificial colors and flavors. Our unique blend of ingredients, and essential oils along with Clove, Oregano, and Tea Tree help support healthy gums. While Vitamin D, E, and K2 help support oral + bone health.

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