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Deity's Philosophy

Deity Store was created in 2015 and stands behind women empowerment and spiritual elevation. We are Free Spirits. We are Confident and Intelligent. We are unique and creative.We are Family. We are you! We have Showrooms in California and Arizona. 

What we offer

Deity Store is an online retailer that specializes in Boho Chic, Urban, Hippie and sexy trendy apparel and accessories. We are a female owned company based out of Arizona, with markets in California, Florida and New York. We sell handmade, eco-friendly,private label and partner brand merchandise. All of our products are US made and sourced. We offer flat-rate shipping and our processing time is 1-3 days. You can expect your items in less than 2 weeks.(Local customers will get their items within 3-5 days. Contact us at:

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